Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch is looking for Block Captains within our Westmarket Community for the Neighborhood Watch Committee. 
What is a Block Captain?  A Block Captain is a Resident who would be contacted by no more than 10 other Residents surrounding their street where they live to report an issue or concern.  The Resident would be encouraged to call the Local Prince William County 703-792-6500 first to report the matter prior to advising the Block Captain.  The Block Captains report this concern to the Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair Jimmy Darby at or call/text mobile number 202-262-3523. 
Always remember, per the Prince William County Police, “If you did not report it, it did not happen”. 
If you interested in becoming a Block Captain, please let Jimmy know.  If you are currently a Block Captains in our Community, we appreciate your service and let Jimmy know you would like to continue.
Link to the Daily Incident Reports
Link to the Gainesville Neighborhood Watch Report
Neighborhood Watch Program through the Prince William County Police Department. Now you can retrieve your monthly Watch reports from this webpage within the first full week of each month.